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Welcome To My Art site!

Hi, I am so happy you decided to check out my site. It is new, so please dont look for perfection...or completion ( just yet ) lol....and to everyone who has suggested that I market my art "in a new way"....well, this is my new way :) Now I need something from you. In order for my site to be the most successful it can, I need you to visit the two links mid-way down the page, by the mushroom:) ( just follow the instructions ) and the advertisers at the bottom are just as important ( they carry my link, or are helping me out in other ways ) so visit them too. more pleads, I am finished...hehehe. Go wherever you like, but remember to sign my guestbook before you leave so I know you have been here.

Now for the more creative part:) Half of the work I do is portraits ( with special requests ) If there is a portrait you would like done, I can do any kind you like. I can combine several people in the same picture ( All from different photos ), or put you in a picture with your favorite celebrity! Is there a deceased relative you would like in a current family portrait? No request will be turned down :) My mediums are pencil, colored pencil, and ink. I also do logo's, handbooks, greeting cards, t-shirts, illustrations for ads, etc. Have any questions/requests?....e-mail me at:

Like my art?.....want to support me/help me out? do that by first clicking on either, or both of these two links, then find my site on the next page that comes up, and click on it...thats it!:) Vote For Spa Search's Top 100 Drawing Art Sites

Or go to:

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Here I am in the mountains....I get many "inspirations" from the outdoors! No...really I just love being outside :)

Please sign my guestbook before you leave....your opinion really matters to me:)....and if we know each other personally, dont you dare leave without signing my guestbook! LOL. Also visit the cool sites below....they are well worth the "click" :)

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